The Creative Teacher Project

An NQT Bringing Creativity to the Classroom


Hello! I will be updating this page as and when I can with  resources that I’ve found useful and used myself.

Drama – Years 6, 7 & 8

Stage Craft Lesson – Naughts & Crosses to teach students stage terms


PSHE Resources

Here are some PowerPoint presentations I’ve used in my KS3 (Yr9) PSHE classes in 2015. All three come from a scheme of work on Diversity:

Culture Presentation – an introduction to Culture and what that means for everyone

Immigration – a bit of a hot topic, but this will hopefully prompt some lively discussions!

Gender Identity Presentation – another sensitive topic (aren’t they all in PSHE!) but also a great thought provoker. Clips referred to in the presentation are contained in the notes.


Organisational Tools

Let’s be honest, everyone can use some help getting their act together from time to time, can’t they? Here’s some tools I use:

A4 Planner 15/16 Academic Year – A basic pdf of the Calendar I use for term times and breaks in the Medway Council Local Authority Schools.


Feedback Tools

Verbal Feedback Stickers – Give your student some verbal feedback on their work, followed by one of these stickers. They write down their own verbal feedback, evidencing it’s been given and allowing you to assess their understanding of your feedback! Handy.

Let me know what you think below!

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