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Getting Myself Together

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It’s the business end of the semester now at university, with an assignment due every week until we go on our final prac. I’ve strategically avoided my assignments up until now (it’s not a very good strategy, I don’t recommend it), but sometime over the last week I found myself looking in the mirror and thinking:

It’s time you got yourself together girl.

Do you ever have those moments? When you think you really have to start going to bed a little earlier than 1am, and getting up, dressed and ‘put together’? So I did it. Smashed out my assignment on diversity and turned it in online, went for a run, showered, before blow-drying my hair. 

It sounds superficial – and maybe it actually is – but I think of my hair as a metaphor for myself. It’s generally well behaved, leaning towards a bit curly and wild, often getting out of control pretty quickly if I don’t put any effort into maintaining it. It’s not naturally smooth and tangle free – I really have to work at it. But, when I do give it a little TLC, it doesn’t fight me. It will do what I tell it to do.

When I take care of my hair I feel like I’ve got my head together. I feel like I look more professional, and that makes me relax into the work I have to do, rather than feel like I’m already on the back foot because I don’t look the part. 

This isn’t to encourage you to get up early and blow dry your hair (or do something that men do!), but rather it’s a thought piece – what is it that you need to do to feel prepared, to feel confident to tackle the day, to feel like a teacher? What’s one small thing you can do, that isn’t necessarily work related, that makes you feel like you’re in the driving seat again? That makes creativity in your work easier?

For me? It’s blow dried hair, a blazer and a cup of coffee. The little things. 

One thought on “Getting Myself Together

  1. I needed this one today as I go into my last stretch before the end of the semester!

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