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What You Wish Someone Had Told You


Hey all, I’ve been rethinking about this blog and what I wanted it to be over the last week or two. In part it’s definitely a recording of my time as a student teacher and exceedingly-soon-to-be-qualified-teacher, but I also wanted it to be a resource for other students out there.When I signed up to learn how to teach, I really struggled to find out tips and hints about what to expect, and the first few months were pretty daunting for me. There are a lot of great resources out there, but they can be tricky to find. I found especially so for my content area of drama.

As I’m coming to the business end of my Graduate Diploma, I thought it might be handy to gather some simple interviews with people I have found incredibly helpful during the year, and ask them to share some of their wisdom. I’m thinking along the lines of what they wished someone had told them when they were graduating.

Is this something you’d be interested in reading? Is this something you’d be interested in sharing? Do you have any tips for me? They don’t have to be drama based, although these are particularly welcome. Hit me up in the comments with your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “What You Wish Someone Had Told You

  1. I would love to hear advice from mentors of fellow new and soon-to-be teachers. I think resources, hints, and guidance can always be gathered from those who’ve paved the path before us, no matter the subject. I’m teaching Maths, but I know that anyone in the teaching profession (or with any experience working with children) will have something to offer me.


    • Hey Danielle – thanks for commenting! I’ve posted my first interview here – with Michele from Catholic Education Melbourne. I’m going to ask my lecturers here in WA if they would be happy to contribute as well. I felt kind of adrift with my first prac, not really knowing what to expect when I actually got into a classroom, so I’m really going to try and get some helpful tips out there. It’s going to take me a while to get the format right, and really honed in on what I would like to know, but hopefully it will come together quickly!


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