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How do you get past it?

The scene of my current crimes of procrastination

The scene of my current crimes of procrastination


Over the break I settled into a lovely routine of notdoingverymuchthankyou and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Now I’m back in the real world, I’ve got to get with the program and actually start working to achieve the diploma! Shocking, I know. I have found myself staring blankly at my readings for ten  minutes, scanning the same paragraph over and over again, and I find myself wondering why? It’s not that I don’t find the content interesting – quite the opposite in fact! Is it something to do with commitment? If I actually start reading now, does this mean that I am accepting that I need to commit to the torrent of work that is heading my way this semester? Please say no.

I often wonder if my behaviour is unique. Instinct says no, but one glance around my lecture this morning terrified me – I am surrounded by competent people! Surely they don’t faff around just like me? Who knows.

My technique currently is putting things off for a while, but then knuckling down and just getting on and doing it. I’d love to spring out of bed every morning and be enthusiastic about work, but right now, I guess that’s just not my reality. What about you? Do you struggle with procrastination? I’d be grateful to hear of anyone else’s strategies for overcoming it!

6 thoughts on “Pro…..crastin….ation

  1. I DEFINITELY struggle with procrastination (procrastinating at this very moment, in fact), so you’re not the only one around! Everyone works differently. I have friends who wait till the very last minute to get down to work and still manage to blow everyone away with their top-notch work every single time.

    Having said that, I once procrastinated by reading a book about procrastination. Apparently one way of fighting it is to create two different user accounts on your laptop: one for work and one for play. If you feel the itch to do something unrelated to work while on your work account, you have to log out and log into your play account, which takes extra time. It’s pretty helpful at putting you off procrastinating to be honest. Don’t know why I stopped doing it. Shall start again!


    • Oh my god what a great idea with the user accounts Nadia! I would love to get out of the habit of procrastinating! At the moment, my mantra is a very Nike “just do it” but that doesn’t really help much when you find yourself reading your favourite blogs and Twitter stalking interesting people…I need to outsmart myself


  2. For the most part I found my classes in education interesting, but I definitely put things off. Sometimes life would get in the way. There were many nights that I burned the midnight oil to get a paper finished. This year I’m actually ahead of the game. Or so I think. I’ve been in my classroom getting ready for our first day Aug. 19. I’ve also been planning and organizing for the year. Hopefully I can keep this up. We’ll see.


    • Good luck HopeAnn – it’s so much easier to keep going once you’re really organised I feel. It crosses over to so many aspects of my life. Eg had a big clear out of my room recently, and it’s so easy to keep things tidy now when everything is CLEAN and CLEAR. I kind of feel I need a clean out of my brain to keep it clear! Then maybe it will be easier to avoid procrastination as it’s just more maintaining. Thanks for commenting!


  3. I completely understand, procrastination is something we all do! I have started going to the library and doing work there because I find if I’m at home there is more excuses to stop and see what is on tv, or doing the washing, or clean the entire house!
    Some strategies to stop this would be amazing!


    • I work in the library at Uni all the time – I find that the atmosphere is SO much more conducive to working, as opposed to TV watching, as you say 🙂 I’m trying at the moment to look at the time when I sit at my computer, and then I can round up to the nearest half hour and faff around online. The after that it’s work time. Eg right now it’s quarter to 2pm, so I have fifteen minutes of faffing allowed! I’ll report back and let you know how it goes….thanks for commenting!


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