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Back to reality for me! After finishing my practicum, I had four glorious weeks of holiday, three of which were spent back in the UK with my lovely chap…..who is now my lovely fiance! Colour me delighted. While I knew (hoped) that marriage was on the cards for us at some point in the future, I had no idea it was coming at the time! It was a lovely, private proposal in the lounge room of the house we have both lovingly made our home.

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Back in Canterbury with @friedbuffaloboy ❤

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This is us in Canterbury, UK last year, just so you can have a little snoop!

So, now that the terribly exciting brand new news is out of the way, we can get straight back on to the real work here. This semester is the final part of my Graduate Diploma in secondary teaching. It’s so exciting, I can almost feel my new class out there somewhere, but also reality is hitting home. Not quite sure I feel ready to be responsible for little minds, and even more so for some people’s entire approach to the arts! Too late now to be scared I guess…

This semester my core units are on Diversity in Australian Schools (which I assume will be in most part applicable to diversity in international schools!) and Becoming an Exemplary Teacher. Both units I understand have gone through a sizeable overhaul since the last time they ran at Edith Cowan University, and so I feel confident that these will be as up to date as possible on the current school climates. Yesterday’s class looked at what it meant to be exemplary, and how some practitioners believe that the vast majority of teachers are ‘socialised to mediocrity’ (Barrie Bennett). So what can we do to supersede this and excel personally and professionally in our jobs? I am really interested to find out, and will be striving to keep this blog regularly updated with my findings.

A little further on that note, I must say that I’ve found it so useful already to look at what resources are online for pre-service teachers, connecting online with other educators. I had a really interesting practicum experience, and so if anybody is reading this would like to discuss their experience or would like some prac tips, I’d be happy to get together and chat about it – you can also shoot an email over to

Lastly – Black Swan State Theatre Company in Western Australia have a great pre-service teacher scheme at the moment, offering 2 free tickets to some of their performances for soon-to-be drama teachers, to encourage them to continue to go to the theatre with their classes. I’ve signed up and I’ve heard there are a few more memberships available, so if you’re keen, let them know.

It’s great to be back!


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