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Shaped Like Disaster

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Annie and Sandy

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Well I guess it was bound to happen – my first lesson today was a massive failure, and so I’ve spent the rest of the day trying to pick myself up and dust myself off, but I fear I’m in dire need of a weekend transfusion, and a maybe a prescription for an attitude adjustment to boot.

It didn’t start out well – I have been so wiped out this week that I thought an extra ten  minutes in bed was in order, I mean I could always get the next train and still be on time. NO SAM. YOU WILL NOT BE ON TIME. Our friendly neighbourhood transport system had other plans, evidently, and the next train was cancelled, followed by an express that didn’t stop, followed by a ten minute late train so crammed full of commuters that the windows were completely obscured by morning breath condensation. YAY.

So I was twenty minutes late for school, and just made it through the door for form time. I absolutely hate being late, and this is because I am usually late and always embarrassed. Especially on prac too, I am trying to demonstrate that I am reliable, and will make a good teacher, and I really don’t think tardiness adds any of that. So I was feeling a little down.

Period 2 was my smaller dance class. We’re looking at music theatre, and today was Annie! I have always loved that film, and even more so since playing an orphan in my Year 8 production. I knew it appeals to young teenagers, even if they pretend it doesn’t! But could I get the film to play? No. Could I connect to the internet to show a Youtube clip? No. Would another projector work? No. Lesson received loud and clear, O God of Technology! I should have made a sacrifice before the lesson. Lesson learned for sure.

The students behaved admirably, however, and so I am very grateful for that. I knew they didn’t want to get into it, but I think that our previous lessons have made them want to try a little bit for me. Thank you, blessed Year 9s. Never thought I’d say that!

After the lesson I had to throw myself on the mercy of the IT department. It sometimes feels as though nothing pleases them more than hearing you say something is “urgent”, just like the 25 other things that they’ve been asked to do. Happily, in this case Mr IT came through and I was up and running in no time. Just in time to teach the lesson all over again……thankfully it went a little better!

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