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Preparing for Practicum

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My second teaching prac for the year starts in June, and so I am beginning to feel the threads of apprehension curling around my ankles. I feel worried that I’m not prepared enough, worried that I didn’t make enough effort with my mentor teacher the first time, worried that the students will shout at me and worried that it’s going to be too much work and that I’ll hate it, and myself.

On the other hand, however, I remember how much I enjoyed being back in a school. I remember how much the drama kids made me laugh, and how by the end of the week I saw a number of students who really should have been in drama! When I remember these things, I begin to look forward to going back.

Although I should be finishing off the four assignments I have to submit before the end of May, this morning I’m looking for advice on how to prepare for practicum. 5 Keys to Success from Amy is short and sweet, and I enjoyed the 10 tips for student teachers on placement by Stephanie at Train the Teacher. It was also strangely great to hear that practicum stress isn’t unique to Australian pre-service teachers – this tip sheet from the University of Alberta in Canada made me feel a little less alone in the student teaching world.

If anyone else out there is preparing for prac, good luck and happy planning! I’d love to hear your stories so please feel free to drop me a line at!


One thought on “Preparing for Practicum

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