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My First Ever Link Pack!

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Here’s my sweep of things I found interesting on the internet this week. These aren’t all education based, but they are all linked to creativity, so I think have their place here.

I’ve enjoyed trawling through the archives on Karla’s blog, the Drama Teacher’s Network, which has some great warmups and other resources for drama teachers. I can see myself using this a lot over the next year or so! Thanks Karla.

Rochelle over at Lucky Lucille is one of my favourite sewing bloggers (not-so-secretly, I love to sew!), but her recent post about overcommitting and too much enthusiasm really struck a chord with me. My last year in the UK, balancing a demanding job with the many creative projects I had on the side was just madness, and because I’d said ‘yes’ to so many things, I ended up letting many people down. Rochelle’s post reminded me to pause, and think hard about what extra activities I commit to.

I’ve also been poking around Share My Lesson  this week, a website where teachers from all over the world can upload their lesson plans, presentations and assessments. While I don’t think  I would lift an entire lesson from there, I can see this is a great way to inspire my own planning.

This one may not be news to any of you, but if you’re looking to do some basic photo editing, and don’t want to stump up for Photoshop straight from the get-go, I’ve had some great success with Pixlr this week. I’m using it as a way to teach myself some skills, before I commit financially to Photoshop.

I hope you find some of these links interesting! Please let your own recommendations fly forth. Have a great weekend everyone.

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