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Let Me Introduce Myself…



Hello internet!

Thanks for stopping in. My name is Sam and I’m currently splitting my time between Perth, Western Australia and Kent, UK. In March this year, I started my initial teacher training course. I have a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, majoring in Performance, and will be a qualified Drama teacher later this year, once my Graduate Diploma has been completed!

It’s all very exciting, and that’s part of the reason I wanted to start this blog. I really love hearing the stories of teachers online, and there is a wealth of information and experience out there in the online education community. The voices I’ve missed, however, are from those emerging teachers who are like me! I’m ready to get stuck in and get my grubby hands on a class of teenagers, but the process of learning how to teach has been overwhelming at times. Learning how to plan a lesson, how to program a syllabus and how, exactly, I am supposed to deal with a stroppy teen who won’t listen to anything I say, is some pretty hard graft. I salute all those who have come before me!

Daily creativity is important to me.  So important in fact, that I left my job in finance to start all over again, in a brand new career. Terrifying, yes, but not quite so terrifying as spending the rest of my life in a job where I felt unfulfilled. My content area will allow me to structure lessons in a totally different way to many teachers, but fundamentally I believe that it is possible to keep creativity at the core of any lesson, and almost any class. This is my project: to keep creativity at the heart of my teaching. To be a creative teacher, in what ever format that might be.

So here we are, friends, and let’s get stuck in!

5 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce Myself…

  1. That switch in career is quite a jump 🙂 All the best!


    • Thanks for your comment Jeyna! It certainly is a jump, but I can tell even only one month into my course, that there has been huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Such a relief to spring out of bed with enthusiasm, rather than dragging myself out!


  2. Sam! How lovely it was to stumble upon your blog. It seems we are in the same boat. I am doing a grad dip to add to my CP degree too! Hope you are going well with it. Would love to chat drama education with you some time.


    • Hi Alissa! Thanks so much for your comment – would love to discuss drama ed with you! I’m into my first week of a 4 week prac at the moment, and so it’s all overwhelming but also great. Hope you’re enjoying your course. Would be great to meet for coffee to swap tips!


      • Sorry this reply is so late!

        Let’s email! I’ll send you one so we can catch up.

        Hope the prac is/went smoothly!

        I’m in the middle of my 2 week minor English prac! So exhausted but happy!



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